Electrolux Electric Dryer White ELFE743CAW

$999.99 + GST

Key Features

  • Electrolux ELFE743CAW Dryer
  • 27″ Width
  • Electric Dryer
  • 8.0 cu. ft. Capacity
  • Steam Clean
  • 7 Dry Cycles
  • 5 Temperature Settings
  • Stackable, Steel Drum, White colour


Electrolux Electric Dryer White ELFE743CAW

Electrolux ELFE743CAW Dryer, 27″ Width, Electric Dryer, 8.0 cu. ft. Capacity, Steam Clean, 7 Dry Cycles, 5 Temperature Settings, Stackable, Steel Drum, White colour

The Electrolux ELFE743CAW Dryer is the perfect addition to any household looking for an efficient and effective way to dry their clothes. With a large 8.0 cu. ft. capacity, this electric dryer can handle even the bulkiest loads of laundry, making it perfect for families and those with larger households. Additionally, this dryer is ENERGY STAR® Certified, meaning that it has been designed to meet strict efficiency guidelines, ultimately reducing your energy usage and saving you money on your electricity bill.

One of the standout features of the ELFE743CAW Dryer is its Perfect SteamTM option. This feature allows you to add steam to your cycle, effectively reducing wrinkles and refreshing your clothes, so they come out looking and feeling like new. The Extended Tumble option is another great feature, which will periodically tumble your clothes for up to 90 minutes after the cycle has ended, ensuring that your clothes remain wrinkle-free until you’re ready to take them out.

The LuxCare® Lint Shield is yet another standout feature that sets this dryer apart from the competition. This lint shield is designed to capture even the smallest particles of lint and dust, ultimately protecting your dryer and prolonging its lifespan. With a steel drum and a stackable design, the ELFE743CAW Dryer is both durable and space-saving, making it the perfect choice for those who need to maximize their laundry space. Overall, the Electrolux ELFE743CAW Dryer is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a reliable, efficient, and feature-packed dryer.




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